пятница, 15 апреля 2016 г.

11 venues for 10 days

Curiously enough, the most urgent project turned out to be one of the most beautiful. I mean Oasis Palmilla, visualization and animation of a well-known hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, which was done for RTKL Associates Inc.
Project in a nutshell:

  • 11 different interiors - bedrooms, bathrooms, living-rooms, dining room, spa, verandas, restaurants, reception, and various lounge rooms – complex visualization of a luxurious hotel. On top of that, the renderings were meant for printing and needed to have high resolution.
  • Interior animation of one of the luxurious suites.

The project began as usually: one morning a new request from our respected client was received. We were glad to start work on these visuals as they were extraordinary and exciting, interiors were in colonial style with lots of wood, ceramics, luxury fabrics, contrasting colors. At that time it was a godsend since we were tired of common white walls and ceilings.

But our happiness broke up soon, the smiles left our faces and we hanged the heads after we heard about the deadline:"We need all the images ready in the middle of the next week! The presentation is on Wednesday!"

The term was fixed: no postpones, no delays. Just 10 days including week-ends, and a couple of intermediate deliveries for one venue. And there were only 4 artists available.Most possibly the request would have been denied. But not by Vayersoft. We believe anything is feasible as soon as you have an interesting project, if you envisage textures and lightening beforehand, if you can visualize the result. Huge amount of work was done in a burst of inspiration.

It was the project Oasis Palmilla. We came up with nice 3D visuals, vivid impressions, and pride for the work done.